Cardboard Chair

Cardboard Full Scale

Client B.Arch, Employer RISD

July 2011

Fully functional lounge chair made of modular pieces.

My take on the classic design project, a cardboard chair, is one that utilizes modules that can be rearranged into multiple configurations.

The main structure is composed of a section of an icosahedron. There is no glue or any other type of fastener; the structure is held together from strategic slotting of the components and the friction between them. It is capable of holding upwards of three-hundred pounds, and is actually very comfortable.

Each piece of the chair is formed from identically cut and creased pieces of single-ply cardboard; whether that component becomes a support, connector, or cushion depends on how you fold or combine the pieces.

This project was featured on the popular design blog, The Mag, as well as on RISD's curated portfolio page.

The chair was designed in my Spatial Dynamics class at RISD in the summer of 2011.