Cup Prism

Drafting Miscellaneous Materials

Client B.Arch, Employer RISD

October 2011

Weaving plastic cups to create a new material.

Woven Cup Prism is the first project in a four-project series, followed by a hybrid model that combines my prism with another student's work, the Paper Cave, and the Con Artist's Castle.

The structure is my attempt at creating a new material, with it's own inherit structural and material properties, from a found object, while still maintaining the basic essence of that object.

Three red plastic 'Solo' cups are woven together to form the basic pyramid building block.

Eight pyramids are then connected using more cups and a variation of the weaving technique to form a prism.

This project was featured on ManMade DIY, as well as on the Behance Student Show.

Preliminary structures were made of different materials, but all helped to define the final iteration.