TechStyle Haus

Full Scale

Client Self, Employer RISD

July 2014

An international student collaboration designing a solar passivhaus out of high-performance textiles.

From it's conception in Providence in the Fall of 2012 through the end of the Solar Decathlon Europe competition in Versailles in Summer 2014, I was a member of team Inside Out, the group of students that created TechStyle Haus.

Techstyle Haus is a home designed in collaboration between three universities, The Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University in the US, and The University of Applied Sciences in Germany. RISD students mainly focused on the design of the building, Brown students the engineering and controls, and the German FHE students were our Passivhaus experts.

Techstyle Haus will be the world's first solar-powered Passivhaus -- an energy performance standard focused on minimizing the heating demand of a building, generally characterized by highly-insulated walls and air-tight construction -- built mainly with high-performance textiles.

The project has been featured in numerous publications, including The New York Times (twice), The Huffington Post, Le Monde, ArchDaily, io9, Inhabitat, and many, many more.

Visit the official project page for a lot more information and pictures at

A sleeping loft on top of the core.

While we didn't end up doing particularly well in the competition, our house did win 3rd prize for Comfort Conditions!

All of the competition teams!

And our team.