Con-Artist's Castle

Chipboard Drafting Laser Cutter

Client B.Arch, Employer RISD

December 2011

A dense, private structure surrounded by water.

Con Artist's castle was my final project for Design Principles 2011 at RISD. It's design was derived from my Cup Prism, a hybrid model with another student, and my Paper Cave.

All of the vertical surfaces are constructed of interlocking strips of octagons. Rotated squares with varying sizes of aperture cut through the center fill in the voids left by the octagons to control light, privacy, water, and views.

The horizontal surfaces use the same octagonal strips, but do not interlock. Instead, they are held up by variations of the rotated squares used in the walls, but have no aperture.

Vertical circulation is accomplished by spinning a stack of two-octagon strips around a pinned axis.