Paper Cave

Laser Cutter Paper

Client B.Arch, Employer RISD

November 2011

Cave-like structure made of laser-cut paper.

My "Paper Cave" was the second step in a series of four projects designed during my first semester at RISD, in Design Principles, Fall 2011. It was preceded by my Cup Prism and a hybrid model that combined my Cup Prism with another student's project, and was followed by my Con-Artist's Castle.

Three types of pieces, all related to each other, make up the structure: a large building block; a half-sized small building block; and a hybrid connector to bridge the size difference.

The pieces are all laser cut from bristol paper and slotted together. No glue or adhesive was used in the process.

This project was featured on RISD's curated portfolio page.

My first iteration was based on the geometry of the cup prism, but was much too flimsy.